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It is 1340, and master-illuminator Orimina is asked to illustrate a magnificent bible. As his assistants the players try to impress him by placing the most beautiful images next to the text. Complex illustrations are awarded more points than simple ones, and bonus points can be earned by making the right combinations. Will you design the most amazing manuscript?

"ANJOU" is a fast-paced, 20 minute game for 2 or 4 players, starting age 8.

Contains DUTCH and ENGLISH rules

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Roman consuls, medieval knights, renaissance queens,... . Our imagination works best when it is connected to something familiar.

Like history.

Sunken Tower specializes in historical game design. From making our own board games to advising game developers, we show how playful the past can be. 


What we do

Sunken Tower combines game design with historical expertise. We primarily work with other developers to create the best digital games, although we also design and publish our own historical board games. Creating or checking historical content, writing alternative world histories, or assisting with funding applications: Sunken Tower has a decade of academic and professional experience with the past. We can set up your project from the start or get involved midway through, but here you will find all the historical and creative help you need. 


Digital games

Sunken Tower focusses on partners and clients in the digital gaming industry. From indie start-up to established studio, or from educational VR-environment to commercial mobile game: we would love a chat about how your project could use history.

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Historical content

Sunken Tower helps designers find the right historical content for their game, regardless of the period or the country.

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Creating histories

Sunken Tower writes full histories for games. These can be entirely accurate, entirely fictional, or anything in between.

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History in design

Sunken Tower ensures that the plan of your game fits the past it uses. Integrated historical design is the key to success.


Board games

Sunken Tower will help you design a new historical board game, but it also works towards its own line of games. Historical learning is an added bonus here, but fun with the past is the main objective. Starting next december, look for our board game logo in your local gamestore or order online!

For historins

For historians

The origins of Sunken Tower lie in over a decade of academic historical research. Interestingly, the potential of (educational) games has now encouraged even university presses and conference organizers to put historical games on offer. 

We are therefore more than happy to help academic and non-academic historians (as well as book publishers, heritage organizations, archival institutions,...) to turn their research and writing into a game. You don't even need to have a clear concept: just let us know what is so interesting about the history you are working with, and we'll look together for a potential game design!


For questions, inquiries and remarks, reach out to:

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