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Rulebooks: Dutch and English

Players: 2 or 4

Starting age: 8+

Playtime: ca. 20 min.

€ 25,95 + delivery costs

Size: 17 x 12 x 3,5cm

Weight: 350gr

© Bram De Ridder 2023


When playing 'Anjou', you immerse yourself in the workshop of the 14th century master-illuminator Christophoro Orimina. As his apprentices, you are tasked with illustrating a beautiful bible, know as the 'bible of Anjou' (nowadays kept in the vaults of the Belgian University of Leuven).

In eight short rounds, the players place all sorts of funny, proud and saintly images in the margins of the manuscript's pages. Points are earned for using the most complex images and for following master Orimina's instructions as closely as possible. The player with the highest total score, wins the game!

'Anjou' offers a unique playing experience because of its closeness to history. Every single image in the game, including the backgrounds to the cards (and to this webpage) are derived from the actual historical manuscript. Players are not only imagining to be member's of master Orimina's workshop, they are literally playing with an exceptionally beautiful piece of medieval history!

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"Designed for a broad public, [...] it shows that history can be a vivid experience"

"An entertaining game-snack for in between studying"

Veto student magazine

"A beautiful example of giving new meaning to medieval objects"

"Really good fun, [...] a gorgeous and smooth game"

Onvoltooid Verleden Tijd, NPO1

"Once you learn how to sabotage your opponent, it becomes really good fun"


"You can tell where phantasy stories got their inspiration"

Het Nieuwsblad




From 19 February onwards  'Anjou' is ready to be shipped again!

Make sure you do not miss your copy by ordering the game now. 

! Orders for shipping to countries outside the region Belgium-Netherlands-France-Germany can best inquire via

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